Old Time Radio Holiday Show

Old Time Radio Holiday Show

December 9th & 10th, 2016
7:30pm curtain

Step back in time and tune in to staged readings from legendary comedians of the past like George Burns and Gracie Allen, Stan Freeberg, Don Ameche, Fred Allen and more.
In between the skits there will be holiday musical numbers where audience members can sing along.

Directed by Jeff Goldberg
Assistant Director- Roslyn Tyler


$15 general admission
In Person: Stop by AMP Monday-Thursday 8:30am-12:00pm/5:00pm-8:30pm
By Phone: Call (904) 277-3455
Online: Ordering information below

Cash and checks accepted at the door. Credit cards accepted online.


Sounds of a People

Sounds of a People: African American music through the ages

black jazz musician illustrationMay 13, 2016 at 7:30pm

Directed by Solomon Johnson

This exciting revue will journey through the major styles of African-American music including jazz, blues and negro spirituals. Each genre will have a short description of its characteristics. We will have many talented singers and performers including Amelia Musical Playhouse regulars Jessie Mainor and Patrick Johnson along with local French blues players Tom Leon and Manew Blew.

That 70s Thing

That 70s ThingApril 21, 22, 23 2016 at 7:30pm

We blast into the past again and this time it’s to the decade that brought us disco, leisure suits, and ‘Saturday Night Live.’ The show features over 40 actors, singers and musicians singing and impersonating many of the decade’s most memorable comics in iconic skits.

Directed by Doug McDowell, Jeff Goldberg, and Jill Dillingham.

Come experience the music, comedy and culture of the 1970s.
Wearing costumes and singing along is strongly encouraged!

That 70s Thin
m.bee images & portraiture

Annual Holiday Revue

Annual Holiday Revue

white-gloved-hand-pulling-back-red-theatre-curtain1December 9th and 10th at 7:30pm

Last year’s revue was so popular we are running the show two nights this year! Featuring the Nassau Community Band, soloists, duets, skits and the Chefs of Christmas

No tickets required but a good-will donation to help defray costs will be graciously accepted.

Laugh In Revue II

April 9-11, 2015 at 7:30pmLaughInAMP

We are back for more 60s fun with this variety show featuring an entertaining and nostalgic blend of comedy sketches and songs.

Valentine Revue

yin_yang_heart_sticker-rc3ee470353b047cb899dbd78b83e2dc1_v9waf_8byvr_324True Love/Love Stinks

Saturday, February 14th at 7:30pm

Presenting both sides of love with songs, sketches and poetry.

Va Va Vamp

bright up to date vaudeville acts new costumes new scenery


This ONE NIGHT ONLY 90-minute spectacle featuring singing, dancing, comedy and scantily-clad ladies with a little something for everyone from balloon animals to belly dancing is sure to be an evening to remember.

Under 18 not admitted.

AMPreview Revue


Even though we are busy with renovation and regulation, we don’t ever stop the music! Our performers have been preparing for months to give you a sneak peek at what you’ll enjoy at AMP. So mark your calendars for OCTOBER 17,18,19 when we will present a special AMPreview at the Peck Center Auditorium. You’ll enjoy some of the best of Broadway plus an array of iconic pop legends, all brought to life by our all-star cast.