Auditions: Allen’s World Live

Audition date: Tuesday, January 29th at 7pm
Show date: Friday, March 29th

What it is: “Allen’s World Live!” is an episodic variety-style show that explores concepts such as self-care, identity, time, love, and more through the use of magical realism. It’s an invitation into how I see the world and how I challenge the mundanity of everyday life. There’s music, skits, and dramatic performances. The first show is titled “Into the Void” and it explores the concepts of self-preservation and the constraints of time.

What I’m looking for: 10 adaptable people, male and female, of varying ages (preferably 18 and up, but I won’t turn away 16-17 year old actors). If you don’t make the first cut there will be future episodes of AWL! that you can participate in.

For questions, contact Director Allen Melton: