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Auditions: Drowsy Chaperone

Auditions will be held at AMP on Sunday, January 13th at 6.00pm (to coincide with “JC Superstar.”)

Show dates are May 16,17,18, 19 (matinee) 23, 24 & 25 with a possible “demand-driven” extra matinee on May 26 if required

Director: Geoffrey King
Musical Director: Jill Dillingham
Choreographer: Susie Dodge


Winner of 5 ‘Tony’s  & 7 Drama Desk awards, the show is somewhat of a parody of 1920’s musicals. The format centres upon a lonely, eccentric musical theatre devotee….”The Man in the Chair”. He introduces the audience to his favorite musical, “The Drowsy Chaperone” by offering to play them the original cast recording. As the record begins, the show comes to life behind him.

There are several separate but connected plot-lines involving mistaken identity, ambition, threats, promises… kept & broken, weddings & the ongoing biographical contributions regarding “the cast” from ‘The Man in the Chair.’

All ends happily… and that is what this show is, HAPPY!


The following information should be read as “ideal” but also as indicative. Much will depend on finding the right blend.

“Man in the Chair” – Narrates the show. A leading role with many monologues & (almost) no singing. Middle aged+

Mrs. Tottendale – Very proper but somewhat vague hostess of the wedding. Alto

Underling – Mrs. T’s smart but savvy butler with a dry sense of humor.  Tenor/Baritone

Robert Martin – Dashing, vain, ever upbeat, played by then matinee idol, ‘Percy Hyman.’ An ability to both tap dance/roller skate would be a big bonus!  Tenor/Baritone         

George – The nervous & rather dim ‘Best Man’ Again, a tap dancing ability would be a plus. Tenor

Feldzeig –  A Broadway producer who doesn’t want to or dare lose his ‘star’ Janet. Played by famous comic actor of the time, Jack Adler. Baritone                  

Kitty – Feldzeig’s somewhat dopey companion who aspires to stardom. Played by a famous comic actress of the time Sadie Adler. Soprano/Alto                                     

Gangsters – Disguised as pastry chefs, they threaten Feldzeig. Played by the Vaudeville duo Tall Brothers, these two are the serio-comic kind of gangsters. (Could be male or female). Alto/Baritone/Tenor

Aldolpho – Self-proclaimed “ladies’ man” played by former silent movie star, Roman Bartelli. Baritone/Tenor/Bass

Janet Van De Graaf  – The “star” bride. Star of ‘Feldzeig’s Follies’ played by rising star of the time, Jane Roberts. Alto/Soprano

The Drowsy Chaperone – Janet’s alcoholic friend & confidante, played by well- established stage actress of the day, Beatrice Stockwell. Alto/Soprano

Trix – Brave & feisty female aviator who is recruited to marry the “happy couple.” Alto/Soprano

Ensemble – Multiple roles! Mrs. Tottendale’s staff & guests, Reporters/dancers, Photographers, Magic assistants, ‘Monkey’ dancers, Slave girls/boys, Wedding singers/Cloud dancers.

Director’s Note: There are lots of videos of the show available online. I hope as many of you as possible will try out for this delightful show.