Auditions for 2 Upcoming Musicals on March 26th

AMP will hold auditions for 2 upcoming musicals on Sunday, March 26, 2017 at 4:00 pm. Auditioners may try out for one or both musicals. You should prepare 1 minute of a song of your choice (a capella ok, may or may not be from the show). If you want a piano accompanist you must drop off your music at AMP 1 week before auditions. You may prepare a 1 minute monologue if you like. You will also read from script.

The shows are: Into the Woods, and Young Frankenstein. Details below.

Into the Woods

Performance dates: July 27 – August 12, 2017

There is no chorus for this show, it is an ensemble cast, difficult music, minimal dance.

Roles (in alphabetical order) age range/vocal range

  • Baker insecure, well meaning male – 25-45 Ab2-G4
  • Baker’s Wife determined and bright 25-45 F3-G5
  • Cinderella sincere, mistreated 18-25 years old G3-G5
  • Cinderella’s Father oblivious drunk male 45+ no solo singing
  • Cinderella’s Mother deceased, spirit inside tree : E4-F4
  • Cinderella’s Prince vain and handsome self centered 20-35 B2-F4
  • Cinderella’s Stepmother mean-spirited 40+ A3-F#5
  • Florinda and Lucinda mean and jealous ages 25-30ish C4 – Ab5
  • Giant voiceover angry and vengeful 40-60, no solo singing may double as Cinderella’s Mother and/or Granny
  • Granny must appear to be 60+speaking role only
  • Jack naive and energetic 15-25 B2-G4
  • Jack’s Mother weary and cranky 40+ Bb3-Gb5
  • Little Red Riding Hood strong willed and fearless 15-25 but must appear younger Bb3-F5
  • Mysterious Man nosy meddler, vagrant 40+ will appear older G2-Eb4
  • Narrator intellectual and pleasant Any age, male G2-E4
  • Rapunzel loopy but lovely and lonely B3-A5 high soprano 20-30ish
  • Rapunzel’s Prince just as vain and handsome as his brother – 20-35ish C#3 – E4
  • Steward 18+
  • Witch – 25-40 sarcastic, ugly -then-gorgeous F3-G5
  • Wolf – Insatiable hunter, 20-45 Bb2-Gb4

Young Frankenstein

Performance dates: November 2-18, 2017

We need a chorus for this one, lots of simple song and dance numbers where the chorus portrays: Gravediggers, Villagers, Medical students, Passengers, Mad Scientists.

Characters are:

  • Dr. Frederick Von Frankenstein 30-40 eccentric grandson of mad scientist Bb2-G4
  • The Monster large, misunderstood creation – a hopeless romantic D3-Bb4
  • Igor bright-eyed faithful servant any age C3-G4
  • Inga not so bright, young and sexy G#3-A5
  • Elizabeth Benning 25-30 self-loving, naive boisterous fiance of Frederick F#3-F5
  • Frau Blucher proud housekeeper, intense and stern 40 +E3-B4
  • Inspector Hans Kemp justice-driven, steadfast town inspector A2-F4
  • The Hermit -poor, blind town hermit – older male A2 Db4
  • Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein Frederick’s grandfather proud and stubborn B2-F4
  • Ziggy well-intentioned village idiot B3-E4