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Auditions: Grand Hotel

Director: Nick Cooper
Music Director: Solomon Johnson
Audition Date: February 24th, 2019 at 6:30 PM
Show Dates: July 5-7 & 11-13, 2019

This ritzy, swinging show tells the story of six guests who all stay at the famous Grand Hotel in Berlin and the adventure, romance, fun, tragedy and, most importantly, the life they will experience as a result. We are searching for performers of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and levels of experience to round out this extremely diverse cast. While we will not be able to arrange another date for those who cannot attend this audition, we will be accepting video auditions. Please feel free to reach out to director Nick Cooper and he will give you more details regarding this.

Please come to the audition prepared to sing between one to two minutes of a song of your choice that best shows your vocal range and ability. You may bring a track to sing with or sheet music. While we will accept a Capella auditions, they are strongly discouraged. Come to the audition in clothing that will allow you to move comfortably as there will be a dance component to the audition. You will also be asked to cold read portions of the script for this audition.


Colonel-Doctor Otternschlag: an elderly, cynical, bitter WWI veteran who is a perennial guest at the Grand Hotel, serves as the narrator of the story, a strong actor is required for this role, a strong singer is not required for this role but must have a good sense of pitch, this is a non-dancing role
Baron Felix von Gaigern: the leading man of the piece, lives the dangerous life, handsome and full of natural charisma, this actor must be able to command the stage, a strong tenor is required up to a sustained A above middle C, a minimal dancing role but the actor should move well
Elizaveta Grushinskaya: an aging ballerina who longs to recapture her youth, a strong overdramatic actress required with a mature alto belting voice, strong ballet experience and form is a must
Otto Kringelein: a sickly (though not old) Jewish bookkeeper, he has a distinct innocent lovability to him, a strong actor is required for both serious and comedic material, a strong singer is required up to an A above middle C, strong dancing ability is not required but the actor must move well
Flaemmchen: a radiant young wannabe starlet, currently a typist, a lovable flirt, ambitious and fun, an incredibly strong dancer is required with a strong mezzo belt up to an E
Raffaela: Elizaveta’s intelligent companion with a muted beauty, a subtle actress required who is good at acting with nuance, a gentle but strong mezzo soprano voice is required to carry three solos, this is a non-dancing role
Hermann Preysing: an older business man, initially an upright and moral man who falls from grace and becomes the show’s primary antagonist, preferably a bigger man but good stage presence is a must, seeking an expressive baritone, this is a non-dancing role
The Jimmys: two African American vaudeville-style performers, traditionally men but may be bent for the right performer, this duo is constantly brimming with energy, good harmonizing skill is a requirement and tap dance experience is a plus
Erik: the young concierge at the Hotel whose wife is having a baby, this is a good role for a younger teenage performer who wants to step into a lead, a good tenor voice to G, a strong dancer is a plus as this character will perform in the ensemble as well
The Chauffeur: a gangster in disguise who is after the Baron, the secondary antagonist of the piece, this role is good for an actor who does not wish to sing or dance
The Countess and the Gigolo: non-acting, non-singing roles for a woman and man, very heavy dance roles that weave throughout the piece
The Ensemble: a diverse ensemble of singers and dancers will populate the piece as well as covering minor roles such as Zinnowitz, Trudie, Sandor, Witt and others