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Auditions: Sylvia

Audition date: Wednesday, June 6th at 7:00 pm

Show dates: September 21-23, 28-29

It’s a story we’ve all heard before: The kids are in college, the wife has gone back to work, and the lonely middle-aged empty nester encounters another woman whose lavish attention becomes his panacea. The catch? Sylvia, the “pert and sexy” young lass of the title, isn’t a woman at all. She’s a talking grungy stray, part poodle/part lab that Greg meets in Central Park. There’s an instant connection between man and canine so he takes her home, hoping that his wife will be as moonstruck by Sylvia as he is.
Sylvia exerts such a charismatic pull that Kate’s friends are appalled, the marriage counselor advocates divorce and euthanasia, and even Greg’s new dog-owner friend warns him of the splintering effect a dog can have on the relationship between husband and wife. It is only when Greg is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice that Kate is able to see Sylvia not as a threat, but as a new member of her family.

Cast of Characters:

Sylvia – Female, any age, very physical role, lots of movement and jumping on furniture, on the floor a lot on your knees
Greg – Male, early retirement age
Kate – Female, early retirement age
Tom – Male, any age, guy in park, Bowser’s owner (Sylvia’s love interest)
Phyllis – Kate’s friend, close to her age
Leslie – Male or female, marriage counselor, will play the opposite sex

If you are unable to attend the auditions and would like to audition early, please contact the director, Sabrina Rockwell, at (904) 753-1618.