GYPSY Cast Announcement

gypsy_logo-lThank you everyone who came out to GYPSY auditions. We are beyond thrilled to announce our cast and cannot wait to get this on stage for all of you to enjoy!

In order of appearance…

Uncle Jocko/Cigar – Joe Palmer
George/LA – Sebastian Gagliardi
Vaudeville Children – Lily Hamilton, Bella Gonzalez, Ryan Maurer, Olivia Phillips
Baby June – Brighton Burkhart
Baby Louise – Sarah Perkins
Ensemble – Ismerie Maurer, Beth Perkins, Kate West, Emily Ford, Olivia Phillips, Juliet Hicks, Kate West
Rose – Jill Dillingham
Pop – Dick Devoe
Weber/Stagehand – Tony McAdoo
Herbie – Jeff Packer
Angie/Pastey – Josh White
Yonkers – Berenger Burkhart
Tulsa – Jonathon Maurer
Teen Louise – Shay Porter
Teen June – Adeline Bishop
Kringelein/Phil/Stage Announcer- Michael Miller
Goldstone/Bougeron – Bob White
Miss Cratchitt – Kara Brooker
Agnes – Loran Tyler
Marjorie May – Madison Keirnan
Dolores – Ashley Hamilton
Hollywood Blondes – Emily Ford, Olivia Phillips, Juliet Hicks
Adult Louise – Paige Miklas
Tessie Tura – Gracie Ross
Miss Mazzeppa – Jane Sandhaus-Packer
Electra – Rachel Tyler
Renee – Kate West