July 8, 2017: Audition for the Bad Seed by Maxwell Anderson

1:00 auditions for Rhoda. (If possible, please be available to stay until 3:00pm)

2:00 – All adult roles.

If you are unavailable on this date. Please email Fran at franlav@comcast.net to set up a time before July 8th. Scripts are available at AMP or from Fran.

Performance dates: 9/22, 23, 24 and 9/29, 30 and 10/1

The Bad Seed is set in a small Southern town in the early 1950’s. Little Rhoda Penmark lives here with her parents Colonel and Christine Penmark. On the surface she is sweet, charming, full of old-fashioned graces, loved by her parents, admired by all her elders. It is only after the “accidental” drowning of a classmate who had won the penmanship medal that Rhoda felt she deserved. Rhoda’s mother begins to recall a past series of unfortunate events, events that seemed to always involve Rhoda, with tragic consequences for anyone who crosses her. Christine, troubled by shadowy memories of her own, begins a search for her own demons and an answer to the looming question….Is there a Bad Seed in her home?


**Rhoda Penmark (Lead): Female, 9-13

Must appear to be 8. Should look innocent and act very polite, but it is important that she be mature enough to understand the role. The “Bad Seed” who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.


Christine Penmark (Lead): Female, 30 – 40

Rhonda’s mother. A picture-perfect 1950’s housewife. She is intelligent and deeply loves her family.
Col. Kenneth Penmark (Supporting): Male, 30-40
Rhoda’s father and a good-looking, straight arrow military officer. He adores his wife and child; small role, character only appears at the beginning and end of the play.

Monica Breedlove (Supporting): Female, 40-65
The Penmarks’ landlady and Christine’s friend. She is a social woman who considers herself to be somewhat of an arm-chair psychotherapist and claims she had been examined by Sigmund Freud. Monica absolutely adores Rhoda, only seeing Rhoda’s sweet, angelic surface.
Emery Wages (Supporting): Male, 35-60
Monica’s younger, single brother who resides with her.
He is friendly, conversational, tolerant, and calmer compared to his sister. Leroy (Supporting): Male, 25-45
The janitor of the building and grounds, a sly, but embittered man who dislikes and admires Rhoda at the same time. There is tension between them.
Miss Fern (Supporting): Female, 50-65
A spinster who runs a tight ship as head of the most aristocratic schools in the state. She expects others to cooperate and contribute.
Reginald Tasker (Supporting): Male, 35-50
Prolific mystery writer and a minor expert on the history of crime.
Mrs. Hortense Daigle (Supporting): Female, 30-45
Mother of Claude Daigle, Rhonda’s classmate who drowns at the school picnic.
Mr. Daigle (Supporting): Male, 30-45
Father of Claude Daigle.
Richard Bravo (Supporting): Male, 50-65
Christine’s father. A successful reporter/writer. In his early career, a respected authority on crime and criminal