Les Miz Casting Announcement

lesmis_flagThank you to everyone who auditioned. We had such a great turn out with lots of new faces (and voices) and are very excited to announce the cast of Les Misérables!

Presented alphabetically by last name…

Addie Bishop Student/Ensemble
Kara Brooker Lovely Ladies/Understudy Fantine/Ensemble
Brighton Burkhart Young Cosette/Ensemble
Mark Cameron Enjolras/Convict
Alexandra Carroll Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Liam Carroll Montparnasse/Sentry/Student/Ensemble
Mackenzie Causey Cosette
John Drew Bishop/Prouvaire/Ensemble
Caryl Ferry Turning Ladies/Ensemble
Lisa Flick Turning Ladies/Ensemble
Emily Ford Student/Ensemble
Kailin Friedrich Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Sebastian Gagliardi Courfeyrac/ Convict/Ensemble
Jeff Groden-Thomas Valjean
Kate Harris Lovely Ladies/Understudy Madame Thénardier/Ensemble
Karen Hourigan Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Susan Joline Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Lena Jones Student/Understudy Cosette/Ensemble
Dawn Juds Turning Ladies/Ensemble
Jimmy Kalista Thénardier
Linzy Kennedy Lovely Ladies/Student/Understudy Eponine/Ensemble
Madison Kiernan Student/Ensemble
Glenn Kitchens Combferre/Pimp/Convict
Amber Kramer Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Chase Lanier Feuilly/Convict/Ensemble
Mickenzie Lee Student/Ensemble
Ginger Lindberg Fantine
Sofie Lindberg Young Eponine/Ensemble
Brooke Little Young Cosette/Ensemble
Jessie Mainor Eponine
Paige Markwell Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Jonathan Maurer Joly/Brujon/Sentry/Ensemble
Ryan Maurer Gavroche
Bill Mayo Bamatobois/Army Officer/Convict/Ensemble
Tony McAdoo Foreman/Convict/Ensemble
Jennifer McCarthy Factory Girl/ Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Paige Miklas Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Chad Miller Grantaire/Convict/Ensemble
Ben Parrott Babet/ Lesgles/Sentry/Ensemble
Steve Parrott Convict/Fauchelevant/Ensemble
Sarah Perkins Student/Ensemble
Colleen Perry Turning Ladies/Ensemble
Shay Porter Student/Ensemble
Bill Raser Javert
Courtney Russell Madame Thénardier
Halliee Smith Student/Ensemble
Kaelyn Sosebee Young Eponine/Ensemble
Tiffani Sosebee Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Tyler Sosebee Gavroche
Kathy Stevenson Turning Ladies/Ensemble
Loran Tyler Student/Ensemble
Heather Van Wagner Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Jamie Wilkinson Lovely Ladies/Ensemble
Zachary Williams Marius/Convict