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Bad Ideas for Bad Television Shows

Directed by: Jill Dillingham, Jonathan Maurer, Sofie Lindberg, Eden Rewa, Anthony Llerandi, Cooper Thompson, Rose Winn, Reese Vonnoh, Allie Gelis, Olivia Lynch, Nina-Simone Diaz
Written by: Don Zolidis

Two desperate NBC executives need a new prime time show and they need it now, so they've turned to the general viewing public for help. A ragtag collection of would-be producers show up in droves to submit ideas for the network's next big hit, pitching everything from a sitcom starring Jean-Paul Sartre to a singing competition in which the contestants are encouraged to sabotage each other. A zany, satirical take on the absurdity of contemporary entertainment that won't need a canned laugh track.

Dates and Times

Fri, Feb 23, 20187:30 PM
Sat, Feb 24, 20187:30 PM

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