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The Great American Trailer Park Musical

Music & Lyrics by: David Nehls
Book by: Betsy Kelso

THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL explores life in Armadillo Acres, a trailer park in Starke, FL focusing mainly on the troubled marriage of Jeannie (Sherri Martin) and Norbert (Ron Araya) Garstecki. Tragedy early in their marriage has forced her to become agoraphobic and him into the arms of another, specifically an exotic dancer named Pippi (Sophia Loveday) who is on the run from an ex, Duke (Allyn Bessee). The story is told by a trio of women with some eccentricities of their own. The music is a high octane mix of country, rock, and disco. The situations are hilarious. The language is, well, adults only.

Come see Betty (Deirdre Wallace), Lin (Jamie Wilkinson) and Pickles (Heather Harding) sing, dance, and plunge their way right through this unique comedy with a live 4-piece pit band.

General admission is $20, outdoor seating (bring your own chair or blanket to sit on). Students $10.

Dates and Times

Thu, Apr 15, 20217:30 PM
Fri, Apr 16, 20217:30 PM
Sat, Apr 17, 20217:30 PM
Fri, Apr 23, 20217:30 PM
Sat, Apr 24, 20217:30 PM
Sun, Apr 25, 20215:00 PM


BettyDeirdre Wallace
LinJamie Wilkinson
PicklesHeather Harding
Jeannie GarsteckiSherri Martin
Norbert GarsteckiRon Araya
PippiSophia Loveday
DukeAllyn Bessee

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