Perfect Wedding

Perfect Wedding by Robin Hawdon

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On the morning of his wedding, Bill, wakes up in his luxury bridal suite to find an extremely attractive woman, Judy, not his wife, in bed beside him. However, lost in the depths of his stag-night hangover, Bill can’t remember meeting her. Before he can get her out, Rachel (his bride-to-be) arrives to dress for the wedding and, in the ensuing panic, the mystery girl gets locked in the bathroom. Tom, the best man, is persuaded to claim her, but he gets confused and instead introduces Julie the hotel maid to Rachel as his date. The crisis escalates to nuclear levels by the time Daphne, the mother of the bride, shows up.

Dates and Times

Thu, Sep 10, 20207:30 PM
Fri, Sep 11, 20207:30 PM
Sat, Sep 12, 20207:30 PM
Sun, Sep 13, 20205:00 PM

Production Team

DirectorBill Ivins

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