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Prisoner of Second Avenue

Directed by: Sinda Nichols
Written by: Neil Simon
Starring: Starring Jan Cote-Merow & Doug McDowell
Featuring: With Catherine West, Fran Hindsley, Holly Gutshall & Redgie Gutshall

Edna and Mel are a struggling, middle-aged couple living in New York City. Mel has just lost his job, the walls of their apartment are much too thin, and the city is in the middle of a heat wave. Their troubles escalate when Mel suffers a nervous breakdown. Mel becomes slightly paranoid, the apartment is robbed, and their neighbors, well, they don’t help matters much. Throughout it all, Edna does her best to support her husband, even getting a job of her own after Mel is fired. Her efforts aren’t enough, however, and Mel’s siblings are called in as backup. Quickly, in a crowded apartment in the most crowded city in the world, all hell breaks loose, and it becomes apparent that the only thing Mel and Edna can rely on are the people closest to them.

Presented by Live Ink Theatre

Dates and Times

Sat, Jan 27, 20187:30 PM
Sun, Jan 28, 20184:00 PM

Production Team

DirectorSinda Nichols

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