SHREK the Musical Cast

Congratulations to the cast of SHREK and thank you to all who came out to audition!
Shrek – Chad Miller
Fiona – Dara Pickren-Davis
Donkey – Patrick Johnson
Farquaad – Jeff Groden-Thomas
Pinocchio – Joseph Woodlief; Jessica Mainor
Dragon – Haley Vonnoh
Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy – Natalie Bloss
Teen Fiona – Annabelle Combs; Juliet Hicks; Shay Porter
Young Fiona – Addison Albrecht; Brooke Little; Olivia Lynch
Young Shrek/Dwarf – Brandon Bingham; Cooper Thompson
Papa Ogre/Papa Bear – Don Bingham
Mama Ogre/Mama Bear – Colleen Perry
Baby Bear – Bella Gonzalez
King Harold – To Be Assigned
Queen Lillian/Blind Mouse – Meghan Miller
Elf/Blind Mouse – Adeline Bishop
Ugly Duckling/Blind Mouse – Jamie Wilkinson
Pig 1/Knight – Marcos Jerez-Young
Pig 2/Knight – Matthew Johnson
Pig 3/Knight – Ryan Maurer
Humpty Dumpty – Emily Stillwell
Pied Piper – Loran Tyler
Thelonius/Bishop – De’Andre Clarke
Fairy Godmother – Rachel Tyler
Peter Pan – Sarah Perkins
Dull Greeter – Eli Groden-Thomas
Tweedle Dee – Amber Kramer
Big Bad Wolf/Captain of the Guard – Josh White
Witch – Gracie White
Mad Hatter – Shelby Wilkinson
White Rabbit – Emily Ford
Goldilocks – Ella Anderson
Little Miss Muffet – Lilly Hilliker; Tiger Lily Rogers
Little Red Riding Hood – Lily Hamilton;Meg Groden-Thomas