Upcoming Auditions


Performance Dates: June 9-25, 2016
Directed by: Geoffrey King


Given the geographical setting, London, the necessity of plausible British accents (of various sorts) is pretty much essential! Clearly, in the case of ‘Eliza’ the actress must be able to transition from cockney to “posh,” without difficulty.

Though the bulk of the show focuses narrowly on Eliza, Higgins & Pickering, the chorus play a crucial role in several scenes. Sometimes as cockneys, sometime as race-goers, attendees at the ball or guests at Alfred’s wedding etc etc. There will also be opportunities for chorus members to ‘double’ as minor characters throughout the production so, “the more the merrier!”

Such dance numbers as there are will be kept, choreographically speaking, as simple as possible so do not fret on that account!

We would like to hear each candidate sing a number from the show so please be aware of that. Also we will try out some short pieces of dialogue & ideally, a chorus number. There are any number of YouTube excerpts available if needed & the script can be downloaded for no charge.


Eliza Doolittle (Soprano A3 – G5)
Needs energy; a delightful voice; strength; vulnerability; skilled with British accents; age 18-25

Professor Higgins (Baritone B2 – E4)
Mature; sophisticated; be at least as good a singer as Rex Harrison; excellent British accent; age 45-65

Colonel Pickering (Baritone C3-D4)
Similar requirements to those for Higgins (Wilfred Hyde White was an even worse singer than Rex!)

Alfred Doolittle (Baritone) – A “big” personality; energetic; age 35-60

Mrs. Pearce (Mezzo-soprano) – Homely; gentle but tough; age 35-65

Freddy E-Hil (Tenor) – Handsome; naïve; age 25-35

Mrs. E-Hill – Rather grand; age 45-65

Mrs. Hopkins – Cockney; indeterminate age

Mrs. Higgins – Think “Lady Bracknell”; elderly

All other speaking parts will be played by members of the chorus.

I truly love this show! I believe it has the unusual feature of containing 100% great songs… something not all ‘hit’ musicals can boast! Singable songs, fabulous costumes & a story with a message, what more do you need?

For those who need more information or wish to schedule a different audition date/time, here is my contact information:
email: gdwking@gmail.com
phone 904-310-6023 (H) or 904-583-1119 (C)

Hope to see you on the 6th.
Geoffrey King

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Camelot sold out

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Thank you all for supporting our theatre and this great group of talent we have gathered on stage and backstage.

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Classes and Workshops

comedy drama masks by Shannon HodgsonLive in the Moment!
Acting classes for adults taught by Sinda Nichols

Mondays 12:00pm-2:00pm
February 1 – March 21, 2016

4 weeks for $45 OR 8 weeks for $80

This class is designed for actors with some prior experience. However, all levels are welcome. We will work with improvisational games, monologues and short scenes to develop acting skills that help us to behave truthfully in imaginary situations. The class is for students 18 and over and will be capped at 10 students.

To enroll and for more information contact Sinda at nichols.sinda@gmail.com.


Sinda Nichols is an actor/director/coach. She tours the one woman shows, BELLE OF AMHERST and THE LADY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS, directs staged readings for Live Ink Theatre, and is currently acting in the upcoming show at the 5 & Dime Theatre in Jacksonville. Sinda loves teaching acting to students of all levels and helping people develop their own personal creative process.

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CAMELOT Cast Announcement

camelotOur directors were thrilled with the number of people who auditioned for this show. There is so much talent in our little community.

Presenting our cast of CAMELOT:

Guenevere – Haley Vonnoh
King Arthur- Jeff Groden-Thomas
Lancelot – Jesse Flach
Morgan Le Fey – Susan Joline
Nimue – Lisa Flick
Mordred – Zach Williams
Merlyn – Bob Williams

Pellinore – Geoffrey King
Tom of Warwick – Jonathon Maurer
Sir Dinadan- Tim Ross
Sir Lionel- Chad Miller
Sir Sagramore – Thom Mason
Squire Dap – Sebastian Gagliardi
Lady Anne – Kara Brooker
Lady Sybil – Colleen Perry

Ensemble – Adeline Bishop, Caryl Ferry, Karen Hourigan, Amber Kramer, Ryan Maurer, Tony McAdoo, Sara Perkins, Jamie Wilkinson, Shelby Wilkinson

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Chicago Cast Announcement

chicago musicalA huge thank you to everyone who turned out for the Chicago open auditions and to those who could not make it on the 5th and had early auditions. What wonderful talent we have here in our community. Alas, there are just not enough roles for everyone but your hard work is acknowledged and very much appreciated! Thank you. Whether you were cast in Chicago or not, please consider auditioning for other upcoming shows at AMP like Camelot, (auditions this weekend), A Night At The Opera, Spamalot, My Fair Lady and more!
See you at the theatre.
– Carey Dresser

Velma Kelly – Kailin Friedrich
Roxie Hart – Alexandra Carroll
Billy Flynn – Jeff Groden-Thomas
Matron “Mama” Morton – Jill Dillingham
Amos Hart – Bill Mayo
Mary Sunshine – Zach Williams

Liz – Ginger Lindberg
Annie – Susie Dodge
June – Christie Miklas
Hunyak – Sarah Sandall
Mona – Jennifer McCarthy
Go-To-Hell Kitty – Jamie Wilkinson

Fred Casely – Chase Lanier
Sergeant Fogarty – Mark Cameron
Martin Harrison – Chris Thiele
Harry/Juror – Patrick Johnson
Aaron – Dillon Basse
Judge – Colin Hetchka
Court Clerk – Carlos Chaves Tafur

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Rocky Horror Show Cast Announcement

Congratulations on being cast in our upcoming production of The Rocky Horror Show! We had a great turnout. Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

in order of appearance
Usherette…..Juliet Hicks
Narrator…….Jeff Goldberg

Phantom Choir: Tony McAdoo,Erica Johnson, Heather Johnson, Shelby Wilkinson
Dancing Phantoms:Carlos Chavez Tafur, Jan Cote-Merow, Mary Hamburg, Karen Hourigan, Amber Kramer, Marcie Roberts, Amanda Stein, Gracie White

Brad…. David Murphy
Janet…Jennifer McCarthy
Riff Raff…Josh White
Columbia…..Linzy Lauren
Magenta…..Sarah Sandall
Frank…….Mark Cameron
Rocky……Chris Thiele
Eddie….. Gray Edenfield
Dr. Scott…..Mike Hines

Jill Dillingham – piano
Gray Edenfield – guitar
Ronnie Luallen – piano
Rick Maurer – drums
Richard Williams – sax
Zach Williams – bass

Directed by Jill Dillingham
Assistant director – Rachel Tyler
Choreographer – Jennifer McCarthy

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